Our White blood cells (WBCs) are our Immune system

How To Kill Parasites

There seems to be a lot of confusion about parasites: how to tell if you have them, what tests can detect parasites, and how to kill parasites in adults and children.

Let’s look at testing first. There is no 100% foolproof test for parasites, neither blood nor stool. There are thousands of reports of people taking in a stool sample with visible parasites and visible egg sacs, and the test was negative! That being said, there are several blood test which can certainly indicate a parasitic overgrowth. Testing and results which indicate parasites: low B12, low Iron, elevated Immunoglobulin, high Ammonia, high Oxalates, elevated Eosinophils. If there’s just one of these indicators, it could be something else- but 2 or more is a pretty good bet you’ve got an infestation going on.

Symptoms of Parasites- since they can live Anywhere in the body (blood, organs, etc) and there are multiple types of parasites that attack in multiple ways, the symptoms list is extensive: Diarrhea, constipation, gas, foul smelling stool/gas, bloating, burping, abdominal pain, mucus/blood in stools, leaky gut, nausea, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, weakness, lethargy, itchy skin, dry skin, dry/brittle hair, hair loss, itch anus, rashes, eczema, sores, dark circles under eyes, mood swings, depression, disorientation, forgetfulness, anxiety, anger, ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, brain fog, delusions, insomnia, teeth grinding, drooling, poor sleep, Restless Leg Syndrome, nose picking, weight gain/obesity, weight loss/inability to gain weight, loss of appetite or ravenous appetite, anemia, PMS, erectile dysfunction, cysts & fibroids, urinary tract infections, bad breath. I’ll stop there but know this is the SHORT LIST.

Additionally, it has recently been proven that Lyme hides inside parasites. Kill the parasites, kill the lyme- I hope everyone with Lyme Disease reads this.

How can you get parasites? By eating raw produce (simple as an apple or salad), undercooked meat (any), swimming in a public water supply (lake, pool, water park), repeated close proximity to animals (pets included), living with someone infected, public laundromats- oh, and they can pass during pregnancy, meaning if mommy has them, baby is born with them. In regards to living with someone, if one person in the home has parasites, treat the entire household.

More info on types and symptoms.

Killing parasites can be difficult, so many people use several methods. The important part of any parasite protocol is this: it’s okay to pause if you need a break for a day or two, but don’t stop. You need to continue until you have eradicated as many parasites as possible, Including the eggs, which typically means 100 days of treatment to get the full life cycle.

What to expect: Herxheimer Reaction, ranging from mild to severe (aka Herx symptoms or Herxing) with any of these methods. What does Herxheimer reaction mean? It means you feel sick from the die-off of these parasites. When they die, they release all the toxins inside their cells into your bloodstream- AND you also have all the wastes caused by the decomposition of their tiny corpses, dumped into your bloodstream. This can cause: fever, chills, stomach upset, headache, aches and pains, diarrhea, sweating, sore throat- basically it feels like you have the flu. It is usually unpleasant but bearable, if it is too strong for you, scale back how much you are taking of your antiparasite protocol, or take a day off. (the better option is just to scale back, not stop) Extra water intake helps flush your system so you feel better, faster. Activated charcoal capsules taken 2 hours after your antiparasite item can help absorb the toxins. Frequent hot baths/showers help. Also, you will expel some gross things- mucus, biofilm, parasites, egg sacs. You may have a change in frequency of going, texture, consistency, etc- those flushable wipes are a good idea to have handy.

Now, onto the items that kill parasites:

  • Castor Oil
  • Gum Spirits
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Enemas
  • Lactoferrin
  • Herbs: wormwood, black walnut, cloves, neem
  • Foods: Pumpkin seeds (including oil), coconut (fruit, water, oil), garlic, Apple cider vinegar, papaya seeds, flax seeds

Note that most of these protocols will ALSO kill Candida Yeast. Bonus!

Castor Oil– should not be taken by pregnant women, it can induce labor. You want cold pressed organic Castor oil, if you can’t find it in the store you can find it online, about $10. The most important part is to get Cold Pressed. Dosage: up to 1 tablespoon orally a day, up to 3 days in a row, up to 3 days total in a week, for a maximum of 3 months. You can also buy/make Castor oil capsules and freeze them, and take 4-6 capsules at a time- the freezing is to help get the Castor oil further along the digestive tract. (take one or the other- liquid or capsules, not both on same day) (timeline for capsules same as for liquid; 3, 3, 3) Suggestions: start with a small dose (say 1/2 teaspoon) and build up to the maximum doses listed here; best taken on empty stomach. You can mix with juice to mask the taste. Expect: loose, urgent bowels.

Gum Spirits– may be referred to as Turpentine, let me explain why that is both correct and incorrect. (Note that Gum Spirits are NOT Spirit Gum!) Gum Spirits are made by gathering the pine gum resin (sticky pine sap) and concentrating it- a process very similar to making Maple Syrup. That’s it, it’s just concentrated pine sap, and pine sap is high in something called terpenes, which is where we get the name turpentine. Our grandparents all ingested turpentine to kill parasites (and for other health reasons), in fact it’s listed in many medical manuals (Merck); the original Vick’s Vapor Rub had turpentine as an ingredient. At some point (my apologies for not having the exact year) manufacturers took this pure turpentine (gum spirits) and added POISONS to it, and put it in a large metal can and still called it Turpentine. And this is where the confusion comes in, whether turpentine is toxic or poison, or if turpentine heals.

The answer is, if you are looking to use what naturally occurred from the pine tree, look for a small glass bottle labeled “100% Pure Gum Spirits”, such as the one sold by Diamond G on Amazon (Humco is also good) (these are both around $10 each for 4 ounces). DO NOT EVER buy turpentine from a hardware store, or in a metal can, you will poison yourself. If it’s in a metal can, it’s poison. If you bought it in the paint department, it’s poison. If it says Turpentine, it’s poison, and it will kill you. 100% pure gum spirits has no poison added to it, it is from the trees, and what our ancestors used.

Pure Gum Spirits only, if the label says anything else, don’t take it. Dosage is up to one teaspoon per week. It is generally suggested to ingest with white sugar, enough sugar that it is saturated with your gum spirits (white sugar only, not honey or substitutes). Some people also like rubbing it on the belly button to expel parasites- you want a carrier oil for this route, meaning you dilute it by putting a few drops of Gum Spirits into a few tablespoons of olive oil, and rub this olive/gum spirit oil on the belly. Precaution: Do not apply to mucous membranes. Public opinion suggests starting small, at 3 drops a day. Expect: gurgling noises in digestive tract and ‘turp burps’, a burp with the taste. The Taste: very pleasant, like pine candy.

Diatomaceous Earth– fossils of tiny sea creatures that lived millions of years ago, DE is a fine powder that will kill parasites, flukes, nematodes, fungus (including candida), and remove heavy metals. Basically, if it doesn’t belong in your body, diatomaceous earth will escort it out of your body. Similar to the turpentine fiasco mentioned above, this naturally occurring substance was used by large industries who added POISONS to it and did not change the name.

So when you go to buy DE, look for FOOD GRADE on the label. As long as it says FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth, it is safe for ingesting (that’s what food grade means). You may find FOOD GRADE DE in feed stores, veterinary supplies, etc, as it is very good for animals as well. You may also find it with fertilizers and bug killers- this is no different than finding baking soda on the baking aisle, the laundry aisle, and the cleaning aisle. So long as it says Food Grade, it doesn’t matter what department or where you buy it. If it does not say FOOD GRADE, don’t buy it, don’t use it! If it does not say food grade on the label, it has had poisons added to it.

Cost is about $10 per pound, one pound is plenty. It is very light in weight, so a pound is quite a large package. I bought mine on Amazon and bought 5 pounds, thinking “earth=heavy”, and got a large pillow-sized package. Think talcum powder for the weight.

Food Grade DE is high in silica, so you get the added benefit of stronger hair and nails. There are folks who add DE to their baths, and make facials and toothpaste from it- Google the recipes if you’re interested. There is only one area it is not safe for- your lungs, you don’t want to breathe it in. Which means, when you open the package, simply open it tipped away from your face, like you would the lid on a pot of boiling liquid so you don’t get steam burns.
I have read reports of people taking up to a tablespoon a day of food grade diatomaceous earth, with the general suggestions to start with a much smaller amount and built up to that level. Many people find it easiest to eat mixed into a soft food, like yogurt; and note DE is highly absorbent so seriously up your water intake a LOT to compensate. Because DE is so very absorbent, take it one to two hours away from any vital prescription medication, so it does not absorb the medicine. Expect: firmer stools.

There is no limit on the amount of time you can take DE, I have known people who have taken it for years. Personally, I did not start passing large flukes until I had taken it daily for 10 weeks- DE likes consistency; before that I had taken it for 8 months but only sporadically and not every day. Once I took it every day without skipping a day I noticed big improvements.

Pet dosage: you can safely feed food grade diatomaceous earth to any animal (not insects, it will kill them) to improve their health and eliminate parasites. Simply add it to their food supply- cats, dogs, horses, chickens, etc- based on weight and increase available clean water supply. You can Google how much for your animal.

Enemas– I know, ew right? That’s what I thought before I started them. Truly, they are not a big deal. I was worried they would be forceful, that there would be pressure- my first one I thought it must not be working, went to check, and it was halfway done! You do not HAVE to do an enema to kill parasites, it’s just a tool in the toolbox you have the option to use. An enema by itself will flush out parasites from the intestines, this is just a plain water enema. Add in other things, herbs, coffee, etc, and you get all kinds of parasite killing benefits that can get them out of more areas than just your intestines.

Coffee enemas, for example, can kill parasites on contact. From Dr. Wilson’s site:
“Coffee enemas stimulate bile flow, mechanically clean the colon, and upset many parasite nesting places.  Coffee is directly toxic for some parasites, and the enema can help loosen them and remove them from the body.”

Coffee enemas do not keep you awake or give you caffeine jitters. You need organic and caffeinated, light to medium roast, unflavored, not instant. Use spring water to brew (always use a pure water source in your enemas). There are lots of people that have a specific brewing method for their coffee enemas; there are just as many people who just brew it in their coffee pot like normal and they both seem to work equally well. If you are set on using a special brewing method, go for it. The ultimate goal on a coffee enema is to hold it for 15 minutes. Absolutely no one holds it that long the first time, you build up to it.

To get started, you need an enema kit, I have found these are no longer typically sold in physical stores, but readily available online. There are basic rubber bag ones for under $10, and deluxe steel buckets for $50 or more. They work equally well. Clean after use with hot water and soap, run some hydrogen peroxide through, then rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. If more than one person in your household plans on doing enemas, get a separate kit for each person (write name on it with a Sharpie marker).

TIPS: make sure whatever liquid you are using is room temperature; place a towel under you on the floor; a pure water enema first helps to clean you out so you’re able to hold the 2nd one with whatever medicinal mixture you’ve chosen; RELAX. Here is a wonderful how to guide with discreet pictures that covers exactly how to give yourself an enema. Google “enema recipes” to find tons of recipes to use.

Lactoferrin– Found naturally in every human in our tears, and in human mother’s breast milk, lactoferrin is a great tool to eradicate parasites and candida. Lactoferrin is antifungal and antiparasitic; it inhibits bacteria, is antiviral and antimicrobial; it helps your body use iron more effectively; it naturally boosts your immune system. It helps heal your gut, which will help your body in a variety of ways, including recovering from parasites! I found it on amazon for about $26 for a big bottle. I’m very excited about lactoferrin, which I only recently learned about and have been researching like mad since- it does so many wonderful things. I highly recommend you look into this yourself.
Clinical studies of lactoferrin in children.

Herbs– I need to stress something crucial here- herb does not equal safe for everyone. You absolutely should CHECK yourself about the safety of any herb, Especially if you have an existing medical condition or are on any prescription medication! Google “herb interact with medication” (replacing the word herb with whichever herb you are considering using, and the word medication with the medication you use. ex: ginseng interaction with amiodarone). There are  herbal blends such as Humaworm, ParaZyme, Dr. Hulda Clark’s program, etc. I’ve heard good things about all 3 of these programs. Herbs tend to work low and slow, and in my opinion, are better for follow up maintenance and not to clear out a major infestation.

Food sources of natural antiparasitics are, in my opinion, best taken as follow up maintenance, and not to clear out a major infestation. That being said, I did gather some quotes from CureZone about food treatments for parasites:

“Pumpkin seeds contain a substance called piperazine. It acts by paralyzing the parasites, which allows you to remove the parasite easily. Use one cup of pumpkin seeds (about 80 seeds), peeled and mashed. Mixed with water from a coconut and two tablespoons of honey. Taken in a period of three hours on an empty stomach. Don’t eat during this three hour period. At the end take the Castor oil in order to quickly eliminate the parasites.”~from CureZone

“For an endless pinworm infestation in my son we found that slicing a garlic clove into long quarters, soaking it in neem oil, and using them as suppositories at bedtime did the trick.” “… Garlic permeates every part of the body and blood, and crosses the blood/brain barrier.” “I have rid parasites in the head and sinuses with just garlic alone. It just takes alot of it for an extended period of time to get it all.” ~from CureZone

“By mixing two ingredients, flax and clove, and taking them regularly, the parasites in your body will be forced to exit because they will no longer be able to feed off of your stomach or get through the wall that the ingredients have created. Mix one part clove to 10 parts of flax seed. Make sure they are chopped together nicely and just take two tablespoons per day for at least a month to get rid of the parasites for good.” ~from CureZone

More Info:
Gum Spirits/Turpentine: The Candida Cleaner by Dr. Jennifer Daniels
Parasites on CureZone
Scientific Basis of Coffee Enemas







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