Restoration of the Human Organism through Concentration on Numbers

Restoration of the Human Organism through Concentration on Numbers
This book presents the method of improving conditions of health through concentrating on seven, eight and nine digit numbers, which I have received over the course of my practical work. The seven digit number sequences form the foundation of the system. For further specific conditions eight and nine digit numbers are given in the Table of Contents and also throughout the book.

Through immersion in this method of restoring one’s health, by concentrating on the number sequences and comparing the various and several number sequences, one can address all aspects of a medical condition.

The method of concentration on the congruent number sequences – after previous and careful diagnosis – provides a possibility to heal people or to improve their situation prophylactically. Furthermore, you can discover the mutual dependencies between several diagnoses. If you take the seven-digit sequence for one disease and another for a different disease, you can receive information from the meaning of the sequences about what connects these diseases with their respective general methods of treatment.

In this manner you can, through an understanding of the situation and its corresponding mental condition, trace a treatment back to the level of a “single impulse”. In this case the concentration focuses on a restoration from specific diseases. You can, however, apply this work to any situation requiring a guidance of events within a person’s lifetime as well as the revivification of a person after his biological death.

The concentration for the maintenance or the restoration of the body or for the guidance of events can be undertaken by the patient himself or herself. One can, for example, focus upon the number sequence for the appropriate chapter. This is a good method when the disease clearly belongs to this chapter, but the specific diagnosis is missing, for in this manner all of the forms of illness belonging to this chapter will be covered.

If the diagnosis is known, then you concentrate on the numbers given for that disease. You can use various methods of concentration. You can take the sequence apart and try to understand how you should order the numbers in order to direct their effect towards best accomplishing a complete restoration of health. Develop your own concentration method!

The approach described here concerns the general system of guidance of events through concentration on number sequences. Do the focus by concentrating on the numbers one after another: for example, from the first to the last number, or by selecting individual numbers or sections of the sequence. This gives variation to your focus. The method for your focus can be completely individual according to how you choose to do it.

You can undertake your concentration at any time. Just note the number or write it down or use some other method of remembering it.

It is important to understand the magnitude of the mental component for the development and removal of diseases and how you can apply this knowledge to man and to a system for the prevention of global catastrophes. The more quickly this knowledge spreads, the faster both individual and collective results will be attained.

Cure of any disease
and managing any events with the help of digital series.
4185412 – acute poisoning
1257814 – acute respiratory failure
7794218 – Protection against virological infection, T. Ch From bird flu
1895678 – Acute heart – Vascular insufficiency
2145432 – Resurrection, Immortality, HEALING (when pronouncing these words fall cancer cells)
8915678 – Cardiac arrest (Clinical death)
14854232190 – UNIVERSAL SYSTEM (can be applied to all, always everywhere)
1895132 – Traumatic shock, Shocks and shock-like CONDITION
1489999 – ETERNAL LIFE
9179841 – I myself manage their physical and spiritual development – RANGE OF FREEDOM – (focus on the front of the chest in front of him)
14888948 – HARMONISATION surrounding area
91371985 – Neutralization of negative information PAST, PRESENT AND THAT, who has already thrown in FUTURE
12370744 – CONNECTIONS The creators
11981 – an appeal to the creators
Sign of eternity – 8 can be used in all departments to gain by working together with the sign of infinity – ?, or not.

Dealing with the past: 7819019425.

When working with the previous digital number can be represented in any form: a sphere; verbally, by setting the rate of events in the past, and writing a digital number; given a vector, and the past record digital number.

Jobs with a future: 148721091
91 – the bridge between you now and future events. When you are planning an event – perekin’te bridge to the future with a focus on the desired event.

Work with the current time: 71042 718 884 219 011 or…9

71042 – the event should be right now. Be careful: the Current and present.

718884219011…9 – In a close distance, the digital number nine that the event has not gone into infinity. All the time you remember about your current target. You can put a number in the digital sphere.

Fixing point near the physical body of the Future: 4971894
This can improve a number of the events of his future.

Looking to the future without affecting the region were: 889….8

Fixing Health: 719
Converting structure rules from the past to the future and for the recovery. Conditions – look through the prism of the past for the future.

Working with plants: 811120218
Spheres with figures put the plant on the branches. If only there was a germ, the control should be directed to the point, which is the boundary between the earth and there was a germ.

Recovery plants: 718884219011…0…9
(Row 0 and closes 9)

Working with animals: 55514219811….0
(0 is written at an interval, it is necessary to close the series).

Harmonisation of the situation and goodwill: 88888588888….9

Rigid fixation of norms: 917253481

Total harmonization, norm: 297140851
Norma tranquility: 1888948
and before concentration:
Health Regeneration: 88888488888
Improvement of all people: 88888588888
The absolute rate of health: 1814321
Self-healing organism: 817992191
Instant recovery of health: 19751
Wellness: 91739421794159
Working with cerebrospinal fluid: 1489100
It used for improvement of blood circulation, bone, nervous system, Removing headache for rejuvenation and obesity. Enter themselves in a two-meter lilac-purple sphere of “excellence” for 24 or 48 hours.
Digital number lay on the perimeter of the sphere.
Treatment of osteochondrosis: 5481321 18548321
First row: enter into the heart or into the sphere and in the heart. Heart – the assemblage point.
Second row: lay out the numbers mentally around the neck with one clavicle to the other, like a necklace, so they lighted.Put for 24 hours, or periodically activate them: call glow.
“And the second part – you create sphere 2 centimeters, and sum of its bottom at a distance of half a centimeter from the coccyx, half a centimeter. And the task of not introducing, warm the entire spine. And there, on the perception of it as the sun can be, well, expand the light, all the heat it up purposefully. “
Norma laboratory indicators: 1489991

Prosperous birth: 212580911

Insomnia and excessive sleepiness: 514248538

Translate the negative into a positive: 1888948

Harmonious family relations: 285555901

Aspiration children to school: 212585212

In order to harmonize relations in the team: 14111963

Visualize lilac-purple sphere with a number on the perimeter.
The establishment of harmonious relations with the outside world: 5154891 Normalization of mental and emotional state.

Expansion of consciousness: 1888888…9..1
Development visionary systems of perception: 881881881
Extension of the spiritual vision

The solution of issues and problems: 25122004
Stability of business: 212309909
The solution of social problems: 8137142133914

The normalization of the financial situation: 71427321893
At a concentration of digital surround yourself around, put it in a purse, present in his office, in his apartment, put the documents in the passport.

Prevention of accidents: 11179
Before you go, mentally say this series. You can stick to the car and to visualize the place where he is pasted. When you start to look closely to the units, they go into the structure of the rapid momentum and begin to be visualized as a single unit, but which is above three. Formally it looks like four units, but the three prescribed.

Visualize the result: at high speed problem solving occurs.
Information source of eternal: 417584217888
It is the source of any information, this level of eternal development. The silver glow of this series will go to you, you get the idea to the question that interests you.
Number FREEDOM: 9189481
Let’s imagine a world free. All the boundaries between countries have disappeared, all move freely, no need any visas or passports, freedom.
The system of protection against acts of terrorism
Protect from the sniper: 8 1 9 3 9 1 7 8 4 1
Protection of Puli: 9 1 7 8 1 4 2 1
Explosion protection: 7 1 8 9 1 4 3 9 1
Protection utopleniya: 9 1 1 7 1 1 8 8 8 7
Protection against toxic gases: 9 9 8 1 7
Protection from damage toksikologicheskogo: 9 1 8 8 7 9 1 8 9 1 4 7
Protection from chemical exposure: 3 1 9 4 2 1 7
Protection from damage bakteriologicheskogo: 9 1 9 8 3 1 0 9 1 7
Protection against radiological impacts: 2 9 9 1 7 1 8 9 1 9 4 1 9 8
Protection from cold steel: 9 April 1 July 1
Protection against any negative impacts: 71931
Flight Safety Flight: Jan. 9 8 3 7 1 9 8
Rationing situation in the region:
Regulation of standards around the globe, and near space: 19725181
Around the Earth (series ranges from the north pole down)
Control via universal salvation, to avoid problems in the region: 713210091
Reducing crime danger in cities: 978143218
To convert a negative into a positive information: 19751
Managing a digital number for the withdrawal of weapons of mass destruction in the region safe for humans. (To say the number of mentally twice daily) 3978
Preventing a possible global catastrophe: 98818891
Several methods of work with the book “Restoring the health of human concentration on the numbers”:
The figures – is not just a mathematical signs, it is the energy of the Creator. Single number or set of numbers can be treated. It is possible to choose a number of books in accordance with the disease, to enclose it in scope, mentally to reduce the size of a match head and the healing in the body of the vibration enter and leave it there for some time.
Can the number and series of numbers to represent in a different light and color.
All concentrations must be done in a state of inspiration, that is, entering into a state of spirit.
Norma laboratory parameters:
Open the page. 191, place your index finger on the code 1489991, the “norm of laboratory parameters” and cover book. So it is possible to work with any disease. The most common use of the head code: 1819999.
When working with digital close you can feel the pulsation and vibration in the fingers, hand, body.
(I feel like under my finger delicately vibrates the little creature, which is part of a finger, hand, and vibration applied to the entire body. Collectors)
Healing from helminthiasis:
1. Enter the scope number 5124548. Alternatively: enter each digit in a separate sphere.
2. Enter a digital number in the field or in the areas of the body: in the stomach.
Imagine that the helminths not. It should be repeated once a week for a long time.
Healing from pneumonia
Set a goal of control: the healing of the lungs from pneumonia: a numeric number – 4814489
Look at the picture in the anatomy of the lungs and present it in front of him in the area of governance, in order to: healing from pneumonia. Put thought is your personal calling for healing light in the current state.
Apply numerical number 4814489 on the image, a phantom of your lungs in the control zone.
Call the beam from the Creator and begin to focus on the numbers, the highlight of their, sates the number of photons of light, sealing them mentally, and call the number and the glow of the vibration on the diseased lungs.
Speak or fishery management objective: healing from pneumonia. That laid the concept of “concentration”: seal information. Try to feel the glow of the physical body and the vibration of these numbers. This work is very important for the future extension. We worked this way – check the situation in the future. That is, the current state is related to the future of the state, where the future always – the norm. See rate your lungs.

This type of training. In these manipulations listen to your body, how sick and healthy bodies react to color in the spirit spheres, on their movement. Secure this sensation in the memory. Most recorded in the memory to restore the color of the required events in the future.



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