Blood has basically three stages

Roy Littlesun
I fully agree with this most important information..( we must also See that those (masses) who have been lying to themselves made the Corruption possible. So, let’s CHANGE Rome into Amor, by making the KITCHEN again the center of Government. Please Share the Secret of BLOOD with the World: The Secret of Blood

Blood has basically three stages:

1- As food before it enters our body.
2- When it is in our body as an “red sticky liquid”.
3- When it exits our body in a subtle way, by feelings, emotions, thoughts and as the most refined form: CONSCIOUSNESS.

We must master these three basic stages of Life in order to maintain ourselves as a Conscious integral part of Creation. Blood is the Basic Media that inter-connects us with EVERYTHING, when it contains the Total Memory. When our food lacks the needed Memory to have a Harmonious relationship with the world at large, we will be the first one to deliver the EVIDENCE that this is true. The Body, which NEVER lies, will deliver the evidence that we have lied to ourselves and the Creator when it shows disease. The reasoning…we are Creation in the Human Form and since ALL IS ONE, Creation and Creator are One too. The Body (inner-Creation) always tells the truth, because the Creator always tells the Truth! It further reasons then that we can be most consciously close to the ONE within our Heart, to make our evolution of Spirit most dynamic. For this reason the Blood interconnects each body-cell (corresponds with a star) with the Heart. Moreover, we must also know what it takes to internally release the food’s Memory, that can then be carried by the Blood up to the Brain and beyond in the form of Consciousness.
For the Spirit to have an Earth-experience, to LEARN, we begin with Blood in Mother’s Womb that is at the small-intestinal region, because it is here where the Food begins to change into Blood by the biological transmutation. Then, upon birth the “first mouth” (umbilicus) changes to the Head, so that we can become a “Conscious Eater” and from thereon Grow in Spirit. Ignore this all and we WILL suffer without end. This is not just a philosophy, opinion or theory…not even “scientific”. It is Self-evident. The BLOOD-control Education is Fundamental.

This stage is initiated by polarity, expansion/contraction. By expansion the Soul can enter Great Mystery and have an Experience to ultimately Realize itself at the physical plane, which is the turning-point from the horizontal into the vertical. From here the pole of contraction (towards “Heaven”) dominates and by it the Return is completed via the cultivation of Consciousness via the nine levels of ascension.
At “stage 1” the force of expansion (to make the Heaven-Earth connection) becomes the Water-element, by which energy is centralized. By this inwards-organization (in-organic) the Nucleus is formed, that consequently contains the Memory of the “journey” into Great Mystery, all the way from the point of departure till the point of arrival at the physical plane. Hence the Rocks having the “ancient memory” that we need for the Ascension or Remembering. Thus the minerals we need for the solidification of the nervous system (spine towards the head) so that we can internally progress in consciousness.
The Ascension (to make the Earth-heaven connection) begins with the Fire-element. Thus by both water and fire Circulation is created. The ocean creates clouds. Clouds become the rain that culminates into the river to complete the cycle with the return to the ocean. By this circulation the Source in the form of the Seed can grow. The plant then collects the subtle elements (via the root-system), of those which have been released from the rocks by erosion, to then ascend to the branch-system. Upon saturation the plant becomes a firm basis for the FURTHER ascension, for it has entered the Fire-stage. In addition, the completed plant has produced the nutrition that enables the Eater of plants to continue the ascension process. The Fire-element is needed here and is contained in the carbohydrate.

Of all “eaters of plants”… MAN eats the most advanced “fire-food”, the whole cereal grain that contains the complex-carbohydrate. Man is most able to digest this food and can thus release the food’s memory best. Consequently the consciousness created from it makes Man to understand how to use Fire by adding it to his food. This led to the art of cooking! As such Man’s nervous system became vertically oriented, indicating the great polarization between Earth’s centre and the endless growing Creation.
Upon the digestive process food changes into blood (blood-plasma first) and the entire evolutionary process of the outer becomes that of the inner. Here blood correlates with the source of the water-cycle, the ocean. Then blood changes into body-cells, “resembling the plant”. The difference of the plant’s nucleus and Man’s is that the magnesium of the plant’s is utmost dense and therefore the plant cannot fully release the Memory back to the Source. Man’s nucleus is the same as Earth’s, with the difference that Man’s iron nucleus is attained by biological transmutation. Iron in contrast to magnesium is releasing. Its energy, magnetism, interconnects the inner with the outer. Also here there is a difference. Earth’s magnetism is bound to the physical plane. Man’s, since his iron is attained by biological transmutation (with the use of Fire) most profoundly contains the bases for the Conscious change from Within. As such we can Ascend from Earth as a Master who graduated from the three-dimensional density. Thus by Man’s total Ascension or Self-realization, we can help with Earth’s Liberation, because by having Her embodied by way of Food, She will “join” us into the evolution of Spirit. Man and Earth made a contract!

From here the subtle energies are Remembered in the form of feelings, emotions and thoughts, all needed to at last become Conscious of who we truly ARE. As such we can increasingly DETACH from the body (physical plane) and ultimately Return to the Source with a New Consciousness of BE-ing. Social interactions and the communication within the context of the infinite universe become then our “Blood”! Ultimately the blood’s essence is centered into the Oneheart or Portal of portals. The essence of blood is the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE. By having the “food of the gods”, the whole cereal grain, to be our daily main food, this will set the firm basis for the endless evolution of Consciousness. The whole cosmic journey can be summarized in one sentence: “the tree is in the seed and the seed is in the tree”. Or, “the circle is the expanded center and the center is the contracted circle”. Much shorter said: “ALL IS ONE”! By this Principle of principles we can create our own reality. By consciousness we create and by what we create creates consciousness. The “in-between” is merely the fleeting experience or “Creator’s Entertainment”. How beautiful and exciting a tree can be! Yet, it is always the seed that secures the perpetuation of the tree. The lasting beauty is attained with the Realization that the Seed of seeds is WITHIN.



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