Basic Meditation and Star Weaving

Basic Meditation and Star Weaving
Transcribed from a recording of the Sunray Basic
Meditation Practice by Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo
This is a practice of mindfulness coming from the tradition of the Tslagi people, the Cherokee people. Mindfulness that one may ever be in good relation with oneself and others and the understanding that each of us is weaving a dream and determining our reality.

By calling upon the power of chant, the power of affirmation, the energy of visualization the mind is brought to stability. One is able to perceive the stream of thought and be in good relation.

Yourself, you are a calm lake and your thoughts, they are ripples in that lake and those ripples go out and touch many others and those ripples return to you. Or you may be weaving a rug with your thought your intention, your desire to act. And your actions they are determining the warp and woof of your reality. Let that rug be a rug of beauty a beauty road. Let the lake ever be placid reflecting the clear mind within.

So this practice, it is very old, it is over a 100 thousand years old. In the long long time ago this practice came with the people from the stars to Elohi Mona, the land of Atlantis. So the people came and carried a crystal message a reminder of the pure gem of wisdom within, that as human beings we have a sacred duty, and responsibility, to take care in our thoughts, care in one another, to cultivate the light of clear mind.

So that one can overcome the impediments to that clarity of thought and right relationship, let anger be transformed to compassion, jealousy to care, greed to sharing, pain to no shame no blame, dishonestly to truth. All of these things can separate one from the essential truth within. Even though acting in ignorance we can always come again to that pure mind within through discipline of the mind and awakening the heart to the spirit of generosity. Thru acting in consideration of how it will be for the people seven generations from now.

So you see, your thinking, it is a sacred trust, your action and deeds let them be deeds of future good relations with the earth and the people. Let what you do now bring forth what is good for people. May the attitudes which obscure clear mind many they be transmuted by this practice.

It is passed by Nellie Yawhoo, Eonah Fisher and Eli Ywahoo.

For over 27 generations this mystery has been passed along.



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