Demonocracy means the Order of Demons, a word that has been deleted from today’s dictionaries….WHY? Because Democracy is derived from Demos and Cracy?s Demos can also mean Demon. Also this meaning has been deleted.…WHY?

True Democracy

1- Portal of Creation into the Infinite.
2- The 9 basic steps of Creation (from Heaven to Earth).
3- Earth. From here the MEMORY of the “9 steps” (1-3) are gradually released through Evolution of which its essence is the change of FOOD into the BLOOD that enables us to grow in CONSCIOUSNESS.
3-4-5- Food entering the Digestive system.
5- Small-intestine, where the food begins to change into the blood that carries the food’s memory to the Brain (inner-Heaven).
6- Central Nervous system that guides the food’s memory in 7 stages (chakras) to the brain.
7- From the brain we can continue by way of consciousness to the Source (1) and beyond.
8- The Heart pulsates by the inter-action of inner-Heaven (7, brain) and inner-Earth (5, small-intestine, womb area).
9- By the “vertical Heart-thinking” (correlates with North-South and the Ascension process) we Return to the Source with a New Consciousness of Being (I AM), to then continue with the endless experience of FREEDOM. This HAPPINESS, the endless Realization of an Infinite Dream.

Demonocracy, Mind-plug into Creation
“education”, media, scientific information and propaganda have been used to FIX the Human-mind and exploitative way of “life” (complete Slavery).
Matma Gandhi: “education has been used to keep the masses speechless”.

10-7-11- Food-manipulation to delete the Original-memory and replace it with a memory that suites the EXPLOITATIVE order or Metal-TRAP (Demonocracy/ Consumerism). This “food/beverage” creates the blood without the complete use of the small-intestine (5) and thus the mind (7) can be controlled from WITHOUT (11).
7-11- By the “horizontal-thinking” (correlates with the East/right-brain-West/left-brain fixation and the “chemtrailing” the attempt is being made to block the Human from the Ascension into the realm beyond the ionosphere (ionosphere and the brain have the same frequency). As such the we can become mentally TRAPPED within a “make-believe world”.
12- Without the SEED-power, especially derived from the Cooked Whole Cereal Grain, the illusory-realm (11) will implode on itself and since nothing can escape the ONENESS…the released destructive energy goes back (evolutionary regression) to Earth’s inorganic-realm (12). This explains why today’s Demonocracy promotes the inorganic substance (chemicals) and energy (electricity, micro-wave, nuclear-energy). Those who have sold-out themselves to the Demonocracy (for privileges and instant-pleasures) don’t care less to drag the entire world in their grave (suicide = instant pleasure/relieve). “Obama” is one of them, but…can become a great god and teacher by EXAMPLE, when he falls on his knees and asks for FORGIVENESS. This is the COURAGE/POWER we all need to become FREE, to have it emerged from deep WITHIN (8). The greater the Poison the greater the Medicine. CHANGE (not ex-change) is The Constant.
It is generally agreed that liberal democracies are based on four main principles:
1- A belief in the individual: since the individual is believed to be both moral and rational;
2- A belief in reason and progress: based on the belief that growth and development is the natural condition of mankind and politics the art of compromise;
3- A belief in a society that is consensual: based on a desire for order and co-operation not disorder and conflict;
4- A belief in shared power: based on a suspicion of concentrated power (whether by individuals, groups or governments)


1 comentario en “DEMOCRACY vs. DEMONOCRACY”

  1. en suma estamos jodidos, los que nos envenenan lo saben y ellos mismos son vendidos y cavan su propia fosa con el resto de nosotros dentro mientras que ellos “disfrutan” lo que nos niegan… una bobada de ahi que se espera que obama claudique y sirva de ejemplo de stop la tirania…. nuestro derecho a vivir y morir sanos esta en entredicho…. las personas que amammos y nuestros animales y plantas tambien estan afectados de estas aberraciones…


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